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It is a rental. Honestly we should not have even resigned the lease this feb. I did it because my business had slowed down and he said he would change. We have not slept in the same bedroom since August. I know he is a sociopath but then there are times that I think maybe I am crazy.

For one, he is extremely lazy with the exception of being 30 minutes early to work everyday. He works in construction and won’t even shower when he comes home until midnight and sits on my brand new couches.
Two he is extremely immature and tantrums like a child.
Three he always seems so innocent to what he’s doing almost as if he truly doesn’t know any better.
Four I always end up feeling like he’s the victim. Honestly what’s the worst he’s doing? He literally wouldn’t speak to me if I didn’t say anything to him. He just wants the tv and food and his master bedroom. I am the one always getting upset that he feels we should still live together if he’s putting nothing into the relationship.
Five he never wanted sex. He suffers from P.E and says sex gives him anxiety. He just wants to masturbate to porn or have nothing at all. Hence the only time he’s ever messed with other women has been emotional via texts and email with penis pics and words of all he will do to them.
Six he just doesn’t want ANY expectations of him at all. He makes me feel if I ask anything of him I am putting too much pressure. He’s like a broken child who screams and tantrums when he doesn’t get his way and I constantly feel sorry for him.

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