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I wonder sometimes if the issue is me. When I say he wouldn’t bother me if I had no needs or expectations I mean it. He thinks we should continue to live together, act as if we are in a relationship meaning he still calls me pet names and I still cook for him. But I shouldn’t ask him for anything a relationship entails and also no emotional support whatsoever. So when I say I can’t grey rock someone who doesn’t care I mean that. I think I’m the issue because he has shown me exactly who he is over and over again and yet when anything happens where I need him, he seems to grey rock me, or silent treatment. The ONLY time he gets angry is if I ask for any sort of emotional support or for him to help out in the house, etc then he rages. And still for some insane reason I think he will care and be supportive and help me but he doesn’t so I end up crying and being sad and oftentimes after he’s yelled at me for asking for his support I end up screaming that I can’t believe how he treats me as if I am nothing and I need nothing. His response, “look how your acting, who would be there for you, your acting like a crazy bitch.” And he’s right, I am, and he is eerily calm once I get to that point.

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