Reply To: So unhappy and confused– is it me?



Thanks for your kindness. I am looking to see what kind of property is available, but the kids are home tutored, and I dont want to have to send them back to school as I’m not sure they’d cope.
My partner was angry with me all Sunday as he says I don’t give him enough attention as I am with the children all the time and always busy on things other than him, so again he hinted he’ll leave. I felt a huge wave of fear and I have felt sick and anxious all day. Why, I don’t know. It feels like how my parents were with me, so I guess that is why I am so stuck. I’m afraid I wont be able to cope or afford anything and i’ll be working all the time, even harder than I am now, and I’ll have no time for my kids. If I can just bear it for another 5 years I’ll get them to college. Except 5 years seems such a very long time. Why am I so afraid to leave someone who is so nasty to me all the time? It’s so messed up. Thanks for listening anyways. You probably are thinking that I’m some kind of nutjob.

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