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To answer your question, it’s probably because he knows it affects you and being the ass that HG Tudor is, he will hurt people under the Radar where no one except his target can detect it.

I’ve seen his blog, and this “Elite Narcissist” is a low life, arrogant coward who must remain invisible for reasons that are very suspicious to me.

Women get off on his voice alone, but I’ve heard many sexy voices from both men and women and when it is actually seen who is behind the voice, it’s a shocking disappointment. Besides, who knows what tools this lying fraud uses to enhance his voice.

I’m sure he’s laughing and each one of his worshippers and calling them “fools” as the cash flows into his bank account. It’s actually embarrassing to see the commenters on his blog bowing down to him, offering him their fuel, and complimenting this evil Sociopath as if he were a saint.

He’s targeting the perfect audience to get his loot from, Narcissist Addicts, Codependents, sad people with no self-esteem, and lonely, desperate women. He’s making a fool out of all of them while the money keeps flowing in. Of course, they are more than willing to be made his fools.


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