Reply To: So unhappy and confused– is it me?



Thanks for asking Sunnygal. He is being “nice” at the moment so it is bearable. Though I know it won’t last as he’s Jekyll and Hyde so often I wonder if he’s bi-polar. I’ve been looking around at houses to see what I can afford and seeing if I can apply for a low income mortgage. I guess this is just the first step in the journey and I will need to take babysteps at first. It is my emotions mainly holding me back: fear of being alone, fear of making a mistake, fear of not being able to cope, fear that all men are this way, fear that it is my fault and I have been doing something wrong that caused him to be like this. All this talk of trying to get money out of him isn’t me and not what I’m about. I just want a calm and happy life for me and my children.

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