Reply To: So unhappy and confused– is it me?



Hi, as many people here, I need help. I’m depressed, have no money to live, I cannot work as much as I want to, because I was diagnosed with fibromyalgya. I sm trying to do my best, but everyday I have the same situation with my husband. He controls me, critisised in little things. I know that this is gas lighting. I read ebooks, books, articles, and I want to leave, but when I am in shock, I cannot remember many things. Every time I want to tell him I leave, he says sth which makes me nervous, shocked. My family doesn’t believe me. I don’t have time to regenerate my power. I was looking for support group here, in Poland, but there are no such groups in my city. I need support, someone who will say to me:” That is not your fault, this situation is sick, not you. You only reacts. You can do it!You can leave!”. I couldn’t find someone who help me for many hard months, but I still have a little hope, that someone will understand.I have got my dreams, but I feel in a trap. I saw the film” I, Tina” several times, and I think I have the same problem. I cannot hurt him. I know that is stupid. My parents divorced when I was six. I feel worth nothing. Everyday I fight, but there were so many cycles of emotional abuse. If someone here could tell me, is it possible to get out this trap? How to begin?

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