Reply To: Mother is dying, he’s killing me.



Hi BeautifulMonkey,
My Condolences as well for your mother’s passing. In your last post you stated “we got into an arguement within hours of my Mother passing today” I do not know if you realize that it “takes two to Tango” and that you are putting yourself at high risk of having a stroke or heart attack if you continue to argue with this sociopath. Then what’s going to happen to your son? I know this is a very emotional time for you, but my personality is blunt. Hope that doesn’t offend you, it’s just that I know what you are going through with this Demon because I have one as well, yet I have perfected my reactions to him and there are no more arguments. Your son will also benefit with not hearing the arguments because it is stressing him out too. I am trying to get through to you because your raised cortisol levels could seriously cause you much harm. I hope you are reading what I have been posting, and not sweeping it under the rug. Your sociopath has BRAIN DAMAGE and you’re going to need to learn a “new language” in order to put an end to the arguing. He is not normal in the brain and you are, so when you falsely think that he understands your logic, you are wrong. They do not understand logic and HOW you speak/react to him is what triggers him to rage and argue with you. I would also like to suggest some Bach Flower Remedies to help you with the emotional ups and downs. They would help your son as well. Research them. They work. Hopefully you are not taking prescription poisons because they only make people worse and will turn you into addicts. Have a safe and quiet evening. PEACE

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