Reply To: Mother is dying, he’s killing me.



I have read your post, I couldn’t possibly comment on all that you’ve wrote but I’ll try.
I am aware i5 takes two to tango, and trust me I do the most to avaoid and ignore him altogether but at the end of the day I have emotions and feelings and we have argued a lot this week because my emotions and feeling are all over the place and I have no support from him. I know, it’s my fault for “expecting” support from a sociopath, narcissist, etc. But yes, I truly struggle with why he still lives here, says he wants this to work and treats me like a dog right after saying it. I hear what your saying about brain damage, but we really don’t know that’s the case. I can only respond and go by what I know. I know he has no empathy, I also know, he is very childlike, I know that his 2 emotions are blah or anger.
I am not trying nor meaning to argue with him. I am also not a perfect being, I get upset. I do very well with ignoring him but then after weeks or so of that I lose it.

Sunny, I am planning my exit. I know I will have to move quickly, in one day, while he’s at work. I am fully aware that I will have to go 100% no contact. I used to wonder if that was necessary but this last year has shown me it the only way.

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