Reply To: Cyber monitoring



Hi traumatized41, I wish I had some sound advice for you,but it´s been like six months now of his long absent silent treatment ( which I mistook for discard) and all the while I kept cyber monitoring…I tried everything,every trick in the books, but I kept coming back to his online profiles,his blog,his wordpress,etc. Eventually I read some reference to me,to us,that he posted,and unblocked him. And he contacted me. And the whole hellish cycle began again. Yeah, I tripped and fell,badly. So,all I can say to you is this: stay firm stay strong in your commitment,build your no contact a bit stronger each day. If you can´t help cyber-snooping don´t feel bad about yourself, you will,in time. Just ,whatever you read,whatever you see,DO NOT REACT DO NOT UNBLOCK DO NOT LET THE SICKNESS IN AGAIN. I wish you the best.

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