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It sounds like you are in a complex situation, and it is difficult to figure out how to change things for yourself. Can you find a good counselor or therapist to talk to who may be able to help you sort through the challenges you’re facing? You sound like you’re dealing with feelings of despair, and that you don’t see a way to make positive change in your life. If there is a woman’s shelter or counseling center in your area, consider calling them for some immediate help. Here is a link to a hotline phone number and also a live chat:

You might consider writing out a list of the problems you’re facing, the things you’d like to be different in your life, and list out possible solutions as well as the pros and cons of various actions.

That you’ve reached out to this forum shows that you’re taking active steps to make things better for you. Yes, you absolutely can do what it takes to make your life good and to take good care of yourself. Things will get better for you.

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