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Hi Traumatized, The advice the other ladies on here gave you is very helpful and AnnettePK just put it in the exact words perfectly! 🙂 she is exactly right because you are still in legal actions with him its almost impossible to not want to constantly check up on him etc. The same thing happened to me I pressed criminal charges on my Ex Sociopath back on 12-29-2017 and pursued it with the state attorneys office. He was charged for the crime BUT because he was a “first time offender” he Was able to apply to the courts to only receive probahation and community service and he was only made to pay about a 1\4 of the restitution money I was asking. My state attorney said for any possible additional resitutuon from him I will now have to sue my Ex Sociopath in civil court. So..sounds like your taking action against your EX in civil court right? My state attorney also told me do not be surprised if my EX does not pay me any of the ordered restitution he said he sees criminals not paying it back ALL the time! He said as long as my EX completes his 1 year of probahation and community service the charges will be dropped and the restitution money if not paid will just go onto his credit as a bad debt and not bad that’s it. I think your doing the right thing by pursuing your EX in court like you said to put something else on his record atleast. I was gonna drop the charges in the very beginning of my legal actions with my Ex because I was terrified to have to face him in court and it was initially too hard to wrap my head around what he did but I am glad I went through with it. Stay can do this.

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