Reply To: Cyber monitoring



Hey Traumatized,The police were trying to get several charges to stick one was Grand Theft Auto because my EX stole my brand new car plus the theft by deception that you are asking about because my EX stole a few thousand from my bank account the same morning he stole my car.However,stupid me back then completley trusted him and he knew my debit card pin number and in the past had permission to use my debit card so they said it would be too hard to prove on my part and just to go after the Grand theft Auto charge so that’s what I did. Wow so your EX had many prior criminal and civil suits against him? Can you say Evil!! So I am hoping that means in your case this will NOT be a first time offender like it was with my EX right? I would think the Prosecutor in your case would be ready and interested to go after him then. Sounds like the police in both of our cases were very willing to help us and cared but they can only do so much. I know it..all of this mess is SO tiring and sad but now we know that Evil exists out there and its disguised as good. Never again will I allow anyone access to my emotions etc.

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