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Hi Zoe7, This guy’s post is a marching band of RED flags!! The biggest Red flag is he is “Type A’ personality.

I would highly recommend that you do a search on LF (upper right corner) on “online dating”…it’s a very dangerous world and online dating is the most dangerous place to meet someone. The main reason is, you can easily get sucked into a sociopath con game by their words alone via the net. Sociopath troll these online dating sites endlessly for easy prey. And they can con many people on line at one time. Remember actions speak louder then words. But with online dating you dont see someone actions like in regular dating, instead you must rely on their words whether they are truthful or not.

For me, I would never date online = to dangerous. It’s best to find a club, organization or group in your city to meet new people and then if you have romantic interest in someone you have a group of people to look after you, give you advise i.e. “no he is not a good guy to date here are the reasons” or as a sounding board if you do start to date in the group.

The site Meetup. com use to be free and it listed all the groups, clubs & organization in city/town etc. Not sure how they are now but there might be others sites that list these entities or you can see if there are any government agencies in your town list clubs or organization in your town on their site. This is much better also when you meet someone in person listen to your first gut instinct = it is usually always accurate.

Google: Oprah Gavin Debecker you tube…to watch their video on listening to your gut instinct. Gavin’s book is The gift of fear (your local library may have this book).

Your gut instinct with regards to this guy’s online post is accurate = dangerous guy!! Good job listening to your gut. If someone sounds to good to be true = it should send up RED flag alerts!!!

I know that you meet your ex sociopath in person, so did I, but I ignored my gut instinct the second I met him & the next time I met him. I was confused by the fact he had a large group of friends. But the biggest take away for me is to always listen to my gut regardless is others dont have the same gut instinct…just follow your own gut instinct jus like you did with his post here.

Remember sociopath literally use brain washing, mind control, trance & hypnosis to control others even via the internet i.e. dating sites. Another reason why not to online date. plus they can break into your computer & also into your computer phone camera. Beware!!

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  • This reply was modified 11 months ago by  Jan7.

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