Reply To: Red Flag Online Dating Profile



What my sp’s online dating profile should have said:
Hi, I am … I enjoy hockey. I graduated high school and can’t hold down a normal job because no one will hire me due to my work history and criminal background. Well, even if I could get a job I wouldn’t keep it for long because my true desire lies in manipulating people out of money. I don’t discriminate who I will con out of money whether it be family or an unsuspecting person who answers my ad for flooring work.

Now, onto what a relationship with me will be like. I will make you feel like you are falling in love with me if you date me. I will flatter you and make you feel like you need me. I will occasionally slip or maybe get pleasure out of telling you that I am antisocial, I don’t have or want friends, and that my only two motivators are sex and money. I promise you our sex life will be great in the beginning but then I will use that against you and to degrade you when I begin devaluing you. I will confuse you on purpose and flat out deny that some things ever happened. In the beginning, i will tell you how much i love and need you but that will disipate unless you have money to supply me with.  I will even use the tragic death of my daughter to play on your need to help others. I will lie to you about everything and compare you to others I will never let you meet. When you try repeatedly to break free from me I will pull you back in. Until of course you find out i have been hurting your dog. Then I guess you will make me leave but I will want you to live in fear. I will not pay you a dime back and honestly never will have had any intention to do so. 

Message me if this sounds like what you’re looking for. I already love you so much.

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