Reply To: Red Flag Online Dating Profile



Agreed, T41. The fact that there was nothing real about his feelings for me, or his desire to create a life together hurts worse than the financial loss, which was devastating in its own right.

A male friend of mine compared sociopaths to tree snakes. You think that you are just enjoying life under a beautiful tree, and then it seems like the tree attacks you. It shocks you to the core. Just the thought that there are so many predators out there who will resort to any means to achieve their twisted objectives is horrifying.

I do think, that thanks to lovefraud, and other resources, we survivors are getting ahead of the game. So thanks again and again to Donna Andersen. She has been a godsend to so many of us.

I hope that you enjoy your weekend, too, T41. I have had a couple days off work (hence the extra posting) and it has been glorious!

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