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Hi Traumatized41,

The imaginary online profile that you posted sounds very much like the psychopath that targeted me in 2016. When I found out (via Google) that he was a convicted felon (after I had already made an investment with him) I felt like my stomach was in a vice.

My first Google search (prior to the investment) had been cursory because he insisted the window of opportunity for this venture was closing shortly. (Another common theme.) Since he had been using a variation of his name socially and professionally, the mugshots did not come up.

Once I saw two or three of the mugshots I realized why he had told me that his parents had another child with the same given name who had died. “You mean he died as a child? That is so tragic.” “No, he died just a few years ago…” — at a time that correlated with his own release from prison. At the time I thought, who are you, the George Foreman family? I know a few people do this, but it is very uncommon.

Interestingly, he did have a business interest (which he probably got by conning the attractive owner into a partnership) and had been lauded for some volunteer work in the community. I think that was just a cover for his underhanded dealings, and a bid for media attention. The information that I discovered in my first search all indicated he was an upstanding citizen.

Some people in his town must have known about his stint in prison, and still “liked him” and dealt with him in person. So many of us are soft hearted liberals who think that everyone deserves a second chance. I still believe in redemption, just not for psychopaths.

I am so sorry about your dog, T41. I lost my dog because of that monster’s fraud, and I miss my best friend so very much. I hope that we will all emerge stronger because of these ordeals. I feel myself rising from the ashes every day now, so I have hope for all of us. When I am ready to have another dog I think I will name her Phoenix.

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