Reply To: Is he starting a smear campaign?



Hi Clazdana, YES, a sociopath can & will hack into someones account and create a smear campaign against them!!

Your feelings are not “paranoia”, this is your GUT INSTINCT kicking in telling you what this man is capable!!

The fact that he “once threaten to do this” = he is absolutely capable of hacking & sending out messages. Also the fact that these two men both sent you cancelation notices at the same time = leads you to believe that he did this.

Cancel your Facebook & open a new one. Also get your computer cleared by a professional. He could have easily installed a computer monitoring program to literally see everything you are typing.

Some sociopaths will install hidden camera’s in their victims homes etc. Donna has written on this very subject so do a search up on the top right corner here at love fraud.

Sociopaths are very scary when they dont get their way…and right now this guy wants more money from you & to control you so who knows what he is capable. If he did hack your computer go to the police & file a report!! Cover your tracks when it comes to sociopaths they can easily turn the tables & get their target victims arrested for crimes that the sociopath committed. Scary scary world we live in. Glad you posted today.

Google: “Oprah Gavin Debecker you tube” and watch their video on listening to your gut instinct. Gavin Debecker’s book is called “The gift of fear” it is a must read for every woman on this planet…it will remind you to listen to your gut instinct & not weaver from it ever.

Keep NO contact in place with this guy!! He will only destroy you, take your money & continue his smear campaign against you.

Do a search on LF & the net for:

Sociopath triangulation
Sociopath smear campaign
Gas lighting abuse

These guys play nothing but mind games with everyone!! AVOID them = No contact rule words wonders!!

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