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Thanks for sharing this. I’m new to the forum and 29 days out of my 8 year (on and off of course) relationship with a narcissistic man. I’m going through the exact same feelings. There were so many negative and destructive things but right now I’m crying my eyes out about the comforting mundane things or memories of our vacations etc. It’s been no contact for the most part save for some business issues we have to resolve in the next month. Any contact has been text and email and purely factual business. I left the city I lived with him in and moved back to my home state with family. He didn’t ever bother to check with me about my 11 hour drive in a 16 foot truck alone. The morning I left he got up at 5 am and decided to yell at me from outside the room accusing me of packing too many of his tools from the workbench which I had not. I guess it didn’t matter that I had a long day ahead and this was likely the last day I would ever see him. It just solidified the whole thing even though he was the one who did the discarding for the most part. I tried for a bit to work it out but then gave up. He did say that it felt different this time because it seemed like I was also unhappy unlike the other 3 break ups. I’ve tried to be really strong. There have been moments I wanted to call him and tell him I still love him or can’t stop thinking about him. I miss many things about our life but there are more things I don’t miss.I’m trying to focus on those too:(

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