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I divorced my female spath in 2016 and she just won’t let go. Hearing that I’m getting married to my HS sweetheart, she has sent an email to my soon-to-be wife effectively laying out my dirty laundry about work, love, and my character. Oh, and she included my ex-wife, college girlfriend, my new wife’s daughter, and the list goes on. Oh, and she is also untruthful about the majority of the things she says – mostly by twisting a few words to make it seem like she’s coming from a place of authority. A lot of it is made up of instances where she doesn’t know any of the people and/or wasn’t there in any case.

I didn’t get a copy, someone on the distribution did and gave me the heads up and I was able to intercept the email. My first reaction was to try to make this right somehow, but I decided to let things go, because giving it a response would only validate its content. We must be disciplined to not react to their vengeful tactics and take the high road – since the low road is already taken. Much of it is made up – the point is to devalue my in front of people in my life – like my ex-wife 30 years ago…we left on friendly terms, but you’d never know it by this email…

I’m increasingly shocked by the actions this spath continues to take to “get back” at me for figuring out who she really is…but I shouldn’t be really. My lesson is: once who find out who they are, just move on quickly and quietly, because these are very vengeful people – just like children.

Does anyone else have any experiences like this where the spath just doesn’t give up and will do anything to bring you down to their level? BTW, most recipients don’t really care about the past and seem to be healthy…

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