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The Alpha male model is totally what hooked me to the last guy. I posses some of the traits myself, in that I am driven and accomplished. I am not an extrovert, but I can be good at engaging people.

After the final discard from the Alphasociopath I was bummed about ever being able to find someone who was alpha, and provided me that strong sense of attraction. I dated some, but to no avail.

I met my husband and we dated a bit, and then took a break. He waited for me to wrap it up with another man I was dating. During this time he wasn’t pushy, impatient, or otherwise invasive. But he was ‘there’, and expressed his interest. He was patient, kind, and self-assured. His self assurance manifested in him being quite the opposite of the A. Sociopath. Instead of constant contact, love-bombing, hyper-socializing-life-of-the-party, he was strong, self reliant, kind, consistent, honest, reliable, and determined.

We have been together for 6 years. He remains a solid and self-assured husband. So, not alpha exactly, but truly strong; from his own sense of actualization, accomplishment, hard-work, and introspection. I understand, now, that this is a much better recipe for long-term attraction.

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