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All 3 of the men I met online, and dated for various periods of time, were personality disordered. One sabotaged my truck (cost me 1500.00) when I cut him off. One stalked me for 5 years, after 3 months of long distance dating. One basically took me for about 25,000.00 in loans and travel.

So my experience was 100% rotten for online dating. All 3 misrepresented their lives, jobs, housing, history, intentions, and needs. All three appeared to be very different types of people, and on the surface they were. But the basic behaviors were very much in sync: Lure, Love-bomb, sexsexsex, then a series of devaluing behaviors, and finally either I cut it off or they did.

One was an actor: funny, smart, angry, poor. One was a therapist: quiet, opinionated, lonely. One was a new-age-y dance instructor-cum-shaman: Loud, smart, funny, bragadocious, extrovert.

But they all followed the same pattern.

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