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Thank you for all the great advice, Third Time Lucky. I am going to get the Sandra Brown book you mentioned, and though I have avoided it thus far, I think counseling is in order:/

I really feel pretty good about myself right now, and like you I have other priorities which rank much higher than a romantic relationship at the moment. My relationship with my daughter and my career are in need of bolstering, and that is the most important thing in my life right now.

I should also work harder on my friendships, as I have been pushing people away. One friend in particular really rescued me from the psychopath, and I am eternally grateful to her. Thank God there are people out there who help without judgment.

This summer I am going to pet sit for her menagerie for three weeks while she and her family go watch their son play lacrosse on the Olympic Team and tour Europe. I am happy to be giving back, and to be around all of her sweet animals. Friendship, family, dogs, and cats and ME are my priorities now.

Take care.

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