Reply To: My story, I must be the worlds most gullible, confused idiot on the planet!



Reading your response, the fact that someone took the time to respond to me has sincerely touched me,iltge tears are just pouring! Thank you. So he broke the silence today to tell me how much I’ve hurt him and how despicable of person I am, and I have sucked the life out of him, etc, etc. I tried to not react but it is beyond hard because he does not see me! It’s as if I could get him to hear my truth. It’s such a mind f;:ckery!
I agree to the adrenal fatigue suggestion. I just got insurance for the first time since we were first married (we couldn’t afford to cover me, so he said) and desperately need a full lab work up, and have the biopsy done. But most days I don’t have enough money to care for the boys never mind take care of me. I’m so hurt n confused right now, I need to try to sleep a couple of hours. I finally found a part time job, I start in 2 hours.
Again, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for your kind words of support! I’ll keep you posted.

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