Reply To: My story, I must be the worlds most gullible, confused idiot on the planet!




Ahhh, he laid his cards on the table. What do I mean by this? Basically, that everything he told you about YOU, is really him talking (again!) about himself. He told you hhow much HE has hurt YOU and how despicable of person HE is, and I HE has sucked the life out of YOU.

This is called ‘projection’. The personality disordered person tells you things about yourself that are in fact about them. Like, that you cheated. They are having an affair. That you lied. They are lying. That you are manipulative. They are the plotters and destroyers.

But in our despair and anxiety we believe that what they are telling us is true, and THEN we feel the SHAME they should be feeling about their own behavior.

Please get away from him. Forever. It is truly the only hope you will have of regaining your sanity and safety.


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