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Thank you, shescomeundone. Your recent writing has helped me quite a bit. I had no reason not to believe his lies, at the beginning. The first time that his wife contacted me, I was practically living with the monster. We were planning on getting a place together, in fact I gave him a substantial down payment for that purpose. He said he was cash strapped because of “the divorce”. He actually gambled the money away. Sigh.

I told him to [email protected]*k off right after her first phone call, where she said, “How do you know my husband?” (She had apparently gotten my number from his cell phone bill, for which he said he forgot to change the address.) She had secretly made it a three way call, and he phoned me right afterward.

His explanation was that now that his “ex” realized someone else was in the picture she was having second thoughts. I told him that marriage was a sacred bond, and that he should definitely consider going back to her. He claimed that he only wanted to be with me now, and flattered and lovesick, I believed him.

His lies were, at times, masterful. At other times the lies were ridiculous, and I would call him out on it. “How long have you had your S.A.G. (Screen Actors’ Guild) card?”

I taunted him about the real whoppers when I was trying desperately to get away from him, which only attracted him to me like a magnet. His last line of lies designed to get money out of me, I simply pretended to believe, while my friend and I made fun of the idiocy behind his back. He said he needed an operation to remove a blockage which caused migraines. “Is it a brain transplant? I certainly hope so.” He thought I was just teasing, because I bought his previous bs.

With the help of that friend, I finally left him and moved out of state. Without her steady guidance, telling me what I already understood at some level of my unconscience, I stopped trying to get my money back from him and just thanked my lucky stars that I was alive and well and away from the psycho.

Really, his wife helped ME to truly understand the extent of his duplicity. Without her offering the truth to counter his lies, I might have gone back yet again. I am a believer in redemption, but not for sociopaths. I wish that US courts and prisons had a better understanding of the PCL-R, and how to use it for the purposes of sentencing and parole. I was not the only one that he scammed, and he is now facing an indictment. I am not one of the complaining witnesses, though. I just want to never see him again.

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