Reply To: Recovery: pressure to date



Thank you for the feedback Donna!
It is unfortunate that in today’s society there is still that perception that we are not complete without a man. And that 4 months is considered to be “too long on the shelf” (considering that my relationship with SP lasted 4 years, I am feeling I have some time to recover yet).

I am caring for my son every 2nd week as well as trying to get myself back on track emotionally, physically and financially.

I have friends (male (friends proper, not “with benefits” variety) and female. My spare time I now treasure my own company – being in my house, enjoying the silence (if my son is at his dad’s), making a nice meal for myself, going for a walk, curling up with a book. Doing whatever I want to do, what makes me happy. I feel nurtured not deprived.

And certainly happier, not on edge or consumed with fear, anxiety and suspicion as I was during my last year with SP.

Interestingly, he emailed me apologising for not returning a certain item of property because he had a death in a family. He also added that he was thinking about me, we were madly in love and why did I end it. I am not sure if death in a family story is true, however, it is better not respond. Life is so much better without the drama and madness.

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