Reply To: is this real? how can it hurt so bad?



1for3, my heart breaks for you. I know that Donna and others on this site can give you wonderful advice as they have me. But from my personal experience I can say several things that I hope will help you. He won’t change….he cant. He won’t ever make it better for you….he cant. The love you are feeling is addiction, not love. You deserve better even if you don’t think that today, it’s true, and you will know it in time. I realize working with him is a difficult reminder, so I would look to find another job if that’s possible. No contact. As long as you keep texting you can’t stop the crazy train. His goal is to use you, not to love you. It’s so hard to deny what you feel and want but time apart will help you to see things more clearly. Isolation is part of their control but at this stage for you and your kids, you should isolate from him and reconnect with friends and family. You can do this! You have support! Keep reading articles and occupy your time with things that are benificial to you and your kids. He is a troubled man and you can’t fix him no matter how hard you try.
Wishing you peace and clarity and strength!!!

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