Reply To: is this real? how can it hurt so bad?



I want to offer words of encouragement to you. Your story sounded so much like mine in so many ways. I teared up as a read it. My ex “left” me last year but has never left me alone. He got married Dec 1st, he say’s to get over me, ha! He still has never left me alone. His wife just left him after 6 months, now he is full on trying to win me back, cause “he never stopped loving me” and “I’m his soul mate”. I keep trying to remind myself that the feelings I feel for him are addition. They are not real. I feel physically ill, still yet. That’s the affect it has on me.
I want you to know you are not alone. When things started up again with him, I thought of coming here to this site. Because most people don’t understand. There are people on this site that do.
Take care of yourself. Treat yourself to something nice. And read… this site, and their are many books! There are several.
My love and prayers to you! I hope that you will find the will and the strength to make your way out of this!

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