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“Life is so much better without the drama and madness.”
So glad you see it this way! You are absolutely correct. It may be lonely at times and hectic other times, just because life in general can be hectic, but DRAMA FREE is the best environment to process and heal. I read somewhere that one month for every year is “normal” recovery time. But we aren’t dealing with normal relationships, are we? Enjoying time with yourself is so important. While I was getting over the addiction part, I didn’t enjoy being by myself because that’s when those obtrusive thoughts would take over. I joined an on-line fb farmville coop and it was a wonderful distraction combining games and conversation with people from all overy the world. Little by little my faith in humankind was reinforced just by the sheer nature of coop behavoir; asking for things and actually getting them with no strings attached. Giving others things they needed without being put down. It was a great healing experience.
You’ll know when you’re ready, if at all. There is no timetable for this kind of thing. Everyone is unique. You sound strong and sure of yourself. Way to go!

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