Reply To: Please help…discarded by NC



Styler, you have done the right thing by leaving for good. And for finding this site which has helped so many. Know that! And it is so very hard in the beginning to ‘get over’ the one you felt was “it” for you. I highly recommend you do a search on “Oxytoxin, trust and why we fall for psychopaths” and read the original article and subsequent posts. It helped me understand the sexual addiction that leads to the loneliness and sadness you are feeling. I was having a hard time NOT thinking about all the great sex I had with my SP, thinking it was love. It wasn’t love for him, it was manipulation. A hard pill to swallow but an important one to understand on the way to your recovery. Hang in there, read, educate, do all the things you are doing. In time you will come to realize that her blocking you was the best thing she ever did for you. Donna has lots to offer on this site. I wish you peace, clarity, and strength!

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