Reply To: Can a sociopath recognize that he has a mental disorder?



I filed for divorce last week and am giving up the 5 years,of which only 14 months married, because after this recent lengthy abandonment I began to see what I was letting him do to me psychologically. Found myself extremely depressed and realized I was not sleeping, eating, functioning at a lesser level and asked myself: how much more wasted time and effort am I willing to give this pig? Friends are crucial at this point, a support system is crucial at this point. I knew I needed to for a long time before now but did not have the mental fortitude to do it, its been so difficult to see him for what he truly is. He is happily continuing his sex addictions to porn and online dating/sex sites, I think he has progressed to an obsession, staying aroused. He’s looking like hell, this makes me happy, and I know now what those 30 minute restroom breaks were. Why his anger issues increased, why he was becoming less human so to speak. Huge emotional detachment from me and this relationship. He stopped doing damage little bit at a time and just dumped me and our 4 dogs and this life thoroughly and quickly. Started living out of his truck and his new boss tells he is even asking him if he wants some of his Viagra ( took 180 tablets from 2 recent refills when he left) AND is showing his boss women on his sites, bragging. I don’t understand the “why” of having this addiction apparently all his life did it now escalate into what appears to be pretty much a 24/7 addiction.Is that even physically n mentally possible?? Anyway, short n sweet: was it worth keeping him to keep TRICARE. HELL NO! I choose to struggle financially rather than struggle with him in my life. I will survive because at some point I want to be able to look in the mirror and see the old me before him. Not this woman he broke in so many ways. God bless us all in our struggles, lets fight these monsters, ladies! Lets meet here in this wonderful place Donna has created for us. For this community of shattered souls.

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