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Wow. I am pretty sure Anthony was trolling online for rich women. There were no photos, but his details (and incorrect, but unusual punctuation) matched up. In these postings he claimed to be a millionaire, an avid traveler, and connoisseur of fine wine. None of these attributes were true of this low-life criminal.

It remains puzzling to me that he came from what seemed to be a good family, had a solid (but incomplete, though he claimed otherwise) education, lengthy military service, was intelligent, magnetic, and talented in a number of areas, and still turned out to be so evil. And I guess the answer is, duh, psychopathy.

Like James Montgomery, ‘Anthony’ claimed military designations and accomplishments that were criminally false misrepresentations. When called out on those lies he just shifted his story so that it was a bit more believable, just like every other psychopath we read about. I fully expect his next incarnation to be of a religious bent, whether he is sent to prison this time or not. It seems like the best way to go, since his goal is the ultimate exploitation of naive and desperate individuals. He unfortunately has enough charisma to pull it off.

I appreciate your support and admire how you are putting your life back together. You, Donna, and others have convinced me that it is time to again try to find a competent therapist who can help me mend my childhood wounds as well as resolve present day trauma. I am also looking into Tara Brach and “radical acceptance” meditation. I wish us all the best.

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