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Hi Jan7 thanks so much for your informative reply! I appreciate it. I’m still exploring this website and trying to figure it out so thanks for the tips on that.

Ah yes PTSD and adrenal fatigue are common in abusive relationships. I suspect I have both for sure. I’ve done research on both, even did a work book on PTSD for abuse survivors. It’s funny that when you have nightmares about these people and it stays with you all the next day, or you smell a smell and get a flashback, or you’re so tired all the time no matter how much sleep you get, you don’t stop and think about PTSD or adrenal fatigue. I will definitely be checking out the links and info you suggested. A reminder is always good.

You were with this guy for 12 years! Oh my gosh! I’m sorry for all the nasty abusive things he has done to you. Good for you though for finally breaking free and going NC. I’m glad to hear you are taking care if yourself with the professional help and looking after the adrenal fatigue. I also have a psychologist who told me this guy was a sociopath and has dealt with sociopaths and their victims before. They are hard to find, you and I lucked out there!

I’ve grieved this guy so many times thinking this was actually done. We may have fallen for an illusion but our feelings and love for them was real and our grief is real as well. Grieving a person who is still alive is really something. Especially a person who isn’t even who we fell for. We fell for a lie. I think that’s why NC is hard too, our brains just don’t want to believe that that is the truth. I remember during the obsessive research stage I was in trying to soak up every piece of info I could, I came across a saying “you may never understand it, but you have to accept it”.

Congrats on your NC and getting your health back! I love to read success stories. It gives me hope for myself. He is currently unblocked at the moment but I know I need to take the plunge again and start with the grieving process again too. This addiction is the worst.

Hugs to you! 💜🤗

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