Reply To: The struggle of No Contact



Summertime and Jan7,
I can relate so well to this. Am exhausted after 1.5 years being entrapped with a sociopath, and have finally (i hope!) broken free from him–one week NC today. after being away for only one week, i can feel my “self” and sanity returning.

What really caught me about your conversation is the back and forth of being in contact and going NC numerous times. this is the latest NC for me (i think 3 times now). i’ve always wondered why, when we’re not speaking to one another, that he won’t block my phone number–and i won’t block his? its as if he’s waiting for me to block him first, and if i don’t, he’s leaving the door open for future abuse cycles. Ugh…. Its so sickening.

Also, i’ve thought many times that–if he didn’t physically kill me–he would force me to the brink where i’d want to kill myself. my narc sister has done this to her bf (father of their son)–the bf attempted to kill himself after years of her nasty behavior. trouble is, she’s trained their son to be just like her….

if nothing else, i can now say that i know how people get entrapped with these disordered individuals. really anybody with a good heart is a prime target for them. we just need to be vigilant and watch for the signs.

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