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I think silence in the immediate aftermath kind of provides the survivor with some protection. At least I should say that we need to be cautious and tactful how we expose
them. Keep in mind that he may try to use how you warn others against you in a smear campaign. I have been relatively fortunate so far with others reactions to my warnings. But, I know that the responses may not have been so favorable and could have caused me more harm than good. And, he has tried to use these things as intimidation how only he can in texts and voicemails which has caused me to regress a little. I think I am done warning others for now. I don
t feel envious of them at all. I feel sorry for them because they are going to experience the same inevitable harm. The book psychopath free talks a bit about this. I do plan on volunteering for some sort of advocacy group or providing public education somehow about psychopathy in the future once the dust settles. I am angry too. It is just such an awful and confusing mind blowing experience. Read sandra browns little red riding hood revisited. I think im going to put it in a frame next to my bed. And remember that we are so much stronger and morally better in a million ways than a psychopath. We are resilient. The psychopath will forever continue their same shell of a life.

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