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In many ways, your story rings true for me. Especially the last bit about not loving anyone but her. I was in an 8 year on and off relationship with my X SP. We broke up 3 years ago. We did text briefly last year when dealing with Huricane Harvey but I resolved not to start back up with him. He was clearly involved with his latest target and i got the feeling things were probably not going so smoothly or why would he reach out to me? Anyway we live only about 30 minutes apart and I too have avoided places I might run into him. I have not dated in the 3 years we’ve been apart for the same reason… I’m not interested. It’s so hard to view someone normal as “attractive” or “interesting” or “exciting” or “sexy” after you’ve experienced a love bombing sociopath who is all those things and more. Yes, he was horrible too. And mean and selfish. I’ve learned a lot here at love fraud, other sites, books, etc. And it has helped me tremendously with the addiction and obsessive thoughts. I often wonder if he hasn’t ruined me for any man. That I now see everyone as a future heartbreak and I keep my distance on purpose rather than jump all in. But I’m working through those feelings and I do think of him less often.
Im sure her sickness hasnt rubbed off on you. You’re greiving, and it will get better. Keep reading, keep venting, keep NO CONTACT. Everyone here understands and has similar thoughts and fears. You have support here. It’s a great community!

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