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Hi uwfrog, congrats on your NC! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted it. Like any addiction relapses happen and we just got to keep trying until it sticks. I’m glad you are feeling better already that’s great. I remember being one and a half years in, and here I am three years later. Don’t let this drag out any longer and start to heal like you deserve to. If we allow, the cycle of abuse can continue for a long time. I actually broke down with a friend last night, sobbing and saying “I can’t believe I’m still here 3 years later”. I had so many opportunities to end this and it’s just sad looking back at how I kept letting him in to hurt me. How i kept hurting myself.

Like you I also wondered why HE didn’t just block me after all my social media removals and blocks. Well we know why, they love the drama and they need supply no matter how “crazy” they may say we have acted. And I know he thinks I’m crazy. He’s told me so. And every other girl in his harem he always refers to as “crazy” or “needy” hmmm I wonder why lol.

Yes, if they don’t actually kill us themselves they can sure push us to want to die. I’ve been suicidal over this guy a few times. Even reverted back to past addictions (temporarily) and a reckless behaviour in order to cope with the stress.

It’s crazy how easy it is to get sucked into a situation with these people isn’t it?

Stay strong!

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