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There are several forum items you should read. Do a search on Moving the goal posts. Try as we might, we can’t please a disordered person. Their latest demands or acussations are meant to keep you off balance. Someone once wrote that no matter how far she bent over backwards, she got kicked mid-bend. Sounds like your x did a pity play on you, to get you to be her hero, and after she got bored, it all became your fault. I don’t mean that to sound harsh or cruel. It’s their game and many have fallen victim to it. One lady asked if they all have a secret rule book because they all seem do the same thing. Attract, demean, discard. Read read read forum items here, as well as interviews and webinars Donna has to offer, and glean from others’ experiences. You’ll find many echo your own. And vent if you need to. It’s all good. And through it all, you will be able to make sense of your story, forgive yourself for playing into her hand and figure out your next step.

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