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I also experienced quite a bit of bitterness that he would walk away, a free bird, to exploit as his heart desired. After several years that morphed quite a bit, and now I couldn’t care less. Not that I don’t care about the other people that he will use and abuse. I do feel sorry that he can continue to hurt people. But, I don’t care about him, what he is doing, and with whom. When I was feeling angry, sad, bitter, and depressed, I could not imagine getting to the point that I would feel nothing about him.

I did post (anonymously) on a couple of dont-date-him kind of websites. Nothing much came of those but it did feel like I purged a bit of that bitterness from my heart. A couple of women found the sites and posted that they had been harmed by him too.

Then I had the chance to get involved with several other women who were wronged by him, and make public what we experienced. In the end I decided against this and turned my focus back onto my own healing, and making my life better. I later learned they got him fired from a job- which made me smile.

He is now still going full swing, with a whole new angle to his twisted behavior. And his online presence paints a picture of him as a self-actualized, happy, free, loving man. Many of these types are REALLY good at projecting their false image into the world, with great flair, confidence, and ‘joy’. Doesn’t mean it’s real.

Just like your guy having this other woman. It’s not real. It’s just as false as what you experienced with him.

In hindsight I am still glad I did not choose to take up arms. What he does is horrible, painful, degrading, and completely unacceptable. But none of it is illegal or irreparable. He is just a good looking, charismatic, fun loving, ego maniacal and abusive manipulator.

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