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I too am dealing with this sort of frustration. Mine has lead so many men into thinking they had met the perfect match. She makes certain they are totally in love with her, soon as she knows this it’s over and always in a very brutal way. She has no problems breaking it off with one man in the afternoon and going to bed with the new one same night and making sure they know that she did through face book.

I wanted revenge, truth is there isn’t any. If you go telling people not to date her they won’t listen, hell I knew what she was capable of and I dove right back in. Even if you did stop one person from getting involved, it wouldn’t matter to her because she has 2 or 300 more guys waiting in line.

I don’t wish harm on her, but sooner or later she is going to play this game on the wrong guy and get her self hurt or killed. I think if people like this want to waste their life on lies and games the best thing is to let them and keep them out of our life.

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