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Rigid, that is some post. Like you, I try to see the good even in the bad. In this case, a lesson to be learned from the anguish. The biggest “good” in this was it being a message to my soul to love myself much more and to establish boundaries in my life instead of trying to be loving and kind all the time then get taken advantage of-WISDOM. THAT is my take away. No more blind trust despite the charming persona, the professed love, wtf. As far as his sexual “gifts” screw that, I was great and comfortable with it before I met that jackass. The only thing he impressed me was his frequency which I am certain was drug dependent not his own actual prowess. F him. Boundaries-that is a sociopath’s greatest gift-never allow a boundary to be crossed without significant and consistent irrefutable proof that someone is effin legit.

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