Reply To: Was I in an abusive relationship?



moni, the short answer is “yes, you were!” Mind you, he may have been a borderline rather than a psychopath. I’m reading “exaggerated, paranoid fear of abandonment” into his extremely controlling behavior. Also borderlines do swing unaccountably from one polar extreme to another, loving you at one moment, hating you the next. And all those unfounded accusations of “lacking self esteem,” being “immature,” “crazy” and the rest of it sound like pure projection to me. He was imagining traits in you that in reality applied to himself!

Even if he wasn’t a psychopath, borderlines can be very nasty too, just as confusing to deal with in a relationship, and sometimes lethally dangerous. I’m very sorry this happened to you, but whatever he was, you’re well rid of this guy!

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