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Claudette –

It sounds like an awful ordeal you’ve been going through… I’m very sorry that two people preyed upon the love and trust in you to further their personal agenda. Could you clarify the professional relationship you have with these people? Are they truly supervisotory to you at the workplace? Do you have any recourses such as HR department or a supervisor higher up than your immediate?

These people sound extremely entitled, dangerous, and unpredictable. I know the type of individual that you discuss. Whether or not they could be truly disordered? I’m quite certain a psychologist could evaluate both of them with a great degree of interest and insight. And whether they clinically fit the criteria for any particular personality disorder is less important as the fact that they are behaving in a manner that does not respect your boundaries, your Agency, or you…

These are the type of people who ignore the negative associations of their demanding relationships by simply believing, however unwarrantedly, that they are more important than you are, more entitled than you are, of a higher caliber or class than you are… etc.

Which is so incredibly ironic when you look at the type of atrocities that people of this nature can commit as they easily and brazenly disregard the very humanity of another person if it serves their purpose at all to advance their own personally gratifying agendas.

These people are opportunists. They like to keep people around because they use people as they need them by inventorying the skill sets of those they befriend. If they need help with a legal proceeding and they have a friend close to a judge, they’ll begin to court that friend and apply pressure to capitalize on the association.

They have you sleeping in the same bed because perhaps they have a sexual scenario involving you they’ve concocted…

Your best defense, if at all possible, is to discontinue any and every channel of communication with these individuals. You have to cut their ability to contact you completely off. They will refuse to send text messages because they demand that they are the center of attention whenever they are communicating.

If you can, demand that your relationship remain completely and 100% professional and lodge a formal request through work that you wish to communicate with m if you can, demand that your relationship remain completely and 100% professional. Do not allow for a debate, and if they refuse to respect that at all then utilize higher channels within the infrastructure and formally complain and seek recourses. These people don’t think like you and I. However they are quite cowardly if they believe that their behavior could ever come to light as negative. As long as your threats to their public persona you should be fine and as long as you don’t overtly threaten that they should not become overly vindictive.

I really hope you find a way to improve your current situation. I’ve been in your shoes and I know how hard it is and I know how alone you can feel at times. But you’re not alone, it’s just that not everyone can see these things that we see… and that you are experiencing. Sending love and light to you my friend.

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