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If possible, BLOCK their communications from your phone, so that if, but more likely when, they attempt to communicate, you will not even receive it. If they manage to contact you again, respectfully request that they respect your wishes to privacy and that your life does not allow for their presence in it… if they do anything to make your feel that your boundaries are not being respected, seek out whatever remedy you can find available. Tell your family, friends, other co-workers about the harassment. Make sure people are paying attention. And *DO NOT* let them monopolize any of your precious time with accusations and justifications.

You have a right to befriend or not befriend anyone that you wish. Give them no ammunition, and their interest will fade. But if you feel that there is more danger in the man you discuss then I’m interpreting, do not ignore that gut feeling either. Your intuition is vital in dictating what your actions should be. Always listen to that voice… it is there to steer us for a reason.

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