Reply To: Sociopath, or just some form of narcissist?



The short answer is yes, this is the behavior of someone with a personality disorder. It isn’t really a matter of is he a sociopath, or ‘just’ a narcissist. People with any kind of personality disorder are best avoided, do not know how to love other people, and end up creating chaos, hurt, and disappointment.

This stuff exists on a continuum. So, maybe he isn’t a ‘killer’, but he certainly isn’t relationship material, seems to enjoy being in control and hurting/using other people, and will likely not be able to change.

Plus, his ex girlfriend confirmed that this is true.

Being confused about his behavior is a good indicator that you have gotten snared by one of these types, and you are having a hard time confirming your own reality.

If you can just stay 100% away from him, forever. Keep reading here so you understand the warning signs, and look inside to see if there are any wounds and/or other issues you can work on to make yourself more whole.


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