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hey summertime – i get it. everyone on this website gets it. and its OK however long it takes you to make it stick. i’m on my 4th NC and am better than ever. i really feel like this time i wanted it. talk about it, make it real in our life and not just in your head. the more you speak about it – the stronger you will be.

i felt all the same things you mentioned – will he contact me? how long before it happens? i fought with him too. why wasn’t i enough? i would have given him everything. i made him say the words this time though – we’re done- i think for this asshole – actually saying the words ( i had on all other times) meant that it would stick.

i kept reading all the stories and tips from this and other websites, and I DECIDED that i was done. really done . its NC all the way! i am focusing on my life/job/family/friends and there is nothing else.

yeah it sucks – its a struggle – but at the end you will know yourself and be ready for someone to truly love you.

there are 8 billion people in the world – do you really want to waste your time on this one awful example?

we are all here for you to talk/type/chat for whatever support you need.

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