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I can totally empathize. With my ex-fiancé, I wished so badly that I could tell others the truth about him. His family and friends think he’s the greatest, most selfless guy on the planet, and it’s all an act to get attention. But what would it accomplish if I tried to tell them the truth? He’s already been telling them how heartless I am, how I got cold feet, and conveniently leaving out the part where he drove me away with his insanity. Who would they believe, the woman who they’ve only known a short time, or this guy who has them all convinced he’s a saint?

Yes, I do wish these people could be held accountable, that they could feel the repercussions of their actions. It seems unfair that they should be able to live among us, to take advantage of us, and seemingly get away with it. But in a way, I do think they get what they deserve, at least on some level. For one thing, you said this guy gets to “enjoy life and be happy.” I don’t believe sociopaths and narcissists can EVER be truly happy. Nor can they ever feel real love. Any “good” feeling they experience will only be shallow and fleeting, because the fact is they can’t maintain their relationships with their victims forever. They can never hide behind their masks indefinitely; sooner or later their real selves are exposed, and they have to move on.

They will never know peace. You can. I’d say that’s at least a form of justice.

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