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Thank you marinapearl and Jan7!

Jan7 you helped me to see the situation objectively. I had the same thoughts with you so I got my cellphone checked (paid a lot of money for this) and it isn’t spied. I haven’t done the same for my laptop because I don’t have anymore money but I’m not using it. I changed passwords to my emails, I use my brother’s laptop right now. I wouldn’t write a topic about them from a laptop that could be spied.
All of your suggestions are excellent but unfortunately I live in a country where these things are not so easy. There isn’t a local abuse center in my hometown, I’ve seen a psychologist though because of this matter. I cannot either break my contract right now, the only thing Ι could do is to ask for an unpaid leave but I don’t have any financial resources except my salary…

You couldn’t be more right when you said that they wanted me to depend on them like a child with a parent. That is exactly what they were doing. Exactly. Yes, they manipulated my decisions. Even the decision to ask for the renewal of my contract, I wasn’t sure if I wanted it when I was asked to decide…and now I am trapped. Yes, they probably wanted to control my parents too, I’m pretty sure of this. Oh God, the only thing I did right was not introducing them to my parents. I felt it so hasty, so inapropriate, so unnecessary!
Thank you so much. You seem to know a lot about psychopathy, you were right in everything. God bless you all…

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