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Claudette, you’re so welcome! Was married to a covet sociopath for 12 chaotic, crazy & drama filled years. At the end of my marriage my gut was telling me he put camera’s in our home to spy on me. I traveled for business weekly arriving home at different times (my ex travelled weekly different times) but when I came home alone one of his friends always stopped by our home right after I walked in the door. It was not coincidental & my gut was telling me this. Also my ex at the time would tell me some things that lead me to believe he had cameras.

It was not until I read Donna’s article on sociopaths installing camera’s in the home that I knew he did this while I was married to him. I also saw a report on my local news about a landlord installing a camera devise on the cable cord of the TV that and watch his new tenant undressing in her bedroom, I knew that these insane people will go to great lengths to control us & our minds including my insane sociopath ex husband.

When I finally escaped & drove 3000 miles away from him without him knowing, I was leaving I found a counselor and that counselor told me who he was within 20 minutes. I knew my gut was instinctively telling me to run from him. I know he is capable of killing me or anyone else. He would tell me such things & no doubt he would try it. After leaving I slowly learned to listen to my gut instinct again. Sociopaths manipulate us so much and some how make us turn our heads against our god give natural instinct. They slowly, like I said make the relationship a parent/child relationship when it comes to making our own decisions.

I’m so glad you are listening to your strong gut intuition. It is accurate with these two individuals. Please be safe & on alert with these two crazy people. Tell your neighbors if they see them to tell you asap. Avoid this woman like the plague at work as best you can. Start telling others in the office that you TRUST to watch your back. Sociopath can easily turn on you & make you out as the bad guy to others. They can also get you arrested for things they have done but are so masterful at manipulation that they can even manipulate the police & judges & jury.


You are going to have to fake it that you dont know who they are when around her. Bit your tongue with her because all SOCIOPATH HATE TO BE EXPOSED. They will turn extremely revengeful on you if you expose them. I have read many stories of revengeful acts here at love fraud by sociopaths & also the true victims getting arrested without even doing the things they were arrested for.

Does this woman have access to the Work business bank accounts?? And do you?? IF so make sure you have a someone else in the office high up to make sure she is not stealing company money where she can blame you.

NEVER talk to the husband here in out. Go LOW CONTACT RULE with her (at work) & NO CONTACT WITH HIM fully and NO CONTACT With her outside of work. Do a search on LF for No contact rule and on the net for both of these rules.

This is how you have to think with a crazy sociopath in your life. Start to befriend others in the office and sit with them at lunch (if you stay in the office for lunch). Start to bring in others in the office to circle you for safety. Tell only the most trusted what is going on so that they are aware. BUT ONLY if you can trust them.

Tell your family & friends to call the police if they come by their home.

I’m so sorry that you are enduring this horrific nightmare. So incredibly crazy what you are dealing with on a daily bases.

Sending you huge hugs!! 💜💜💜

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