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Jan7, I’m so sorry for what you have been through with your husband but at the same time so happy for you because you have the strength to leave him!Oh,God these people are devil!
I hadn’t thought the thing you said, that

They can also get you arrested for things they have done but are so masterful at manipulation that they can even manipulate the police & judges & jury.

Oh God!If he has kept stuff from my lap top I feel so in danger!

I’ll try to use the grey rock method but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it effectively! My true self is the exact opposite and I’ve shown my true self at work! Is she gonna believe easily I’ve become a gray rock? If I befriend other colleagues as you suggest me, how can I be a gray rock at the same time?

Concerning the resources about mind control that you gave me…That is exactly what they (and especially he)did to me!!!!!It’s so scary realising this!!!Do you think he’s gonna let me leave without consequences???I’m afraid not. The man is a psychopath, no doubt about it! That’s why they insisted so strongly that we spend the whole summer together! They wanted to keep me close so I could not escape from this sick group they got me in! That’s why he pressured me tremendously to rent a flat just below theirs! Also, they live in an isolated part of the town, so isolated that the first time I got there I wondered “why did the rent a flat in this terrible area? They could so easily find a place somewhere else, they live in the city permanently, they had the time to do all the searching needed!”Also she works permanently at this job, she doesn’t have a contract like me!
I cannot check his police record, I live in Europe and not in a “improved” country, if you know what I mean. And no, they don’t own the company. Actually it’s not a company, it’s a public educational organisation. She has a permanent position there but he is unemployed! And I’m a teacher there.
Here in my country terms like “workplace bullying”, “human resource department”, “sociopathy”, “emotional abuse” don’t exist!!! Or they exist for such a limited group of people that doesn’t mean anything. Even “school bullying” as a term has come here only the last 8 years!
I’ve read Donna’s book and others from amazon in a quest to find answers for my divorce. My ex husband and his family of origin had absolutely sociopathic traits. When I found the answers I accepted the divorce, went no contact and got really over it (after much pain of course). I believed that I could recognise sociopathic traits after this experience and all this reading. I was wrong. But these two people were sooooo worse than my ex husband! At least with him I had never felt physically threatened…
Sunnygal, thank you. My ptsd continues though. Today I slept just a few hours because of this. And I’m thinking “if I cannot sleep at my summer break how am I going to sleep when work starts and I’ll have to see her everyday???” Oh God…

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